The Journey

World War II

Nearly 100 years after Ari’s fateful night, the Vandenberg family were again staring down the face of adversity. At the outbreak of World War Two, eking out a post – depression living, 6 Vandenberg brothers and their father left for war. Seeing no other option but to fight for their country they were so proud of.

The Survival

Of The 6 Brothers

The tale was typical of the era – except for one key element which defined another generation of the Vandenberg family by their leadership and honour. All 7 Vandenberg men returned safely home together.

The Brand

The 6 Brothers Collection

The detailed elements of the 6 Brothers branding was therefore born and bred from the the heroic venture of the 6 Brothers. The intricate features of the label speak to its craftsmanship and the quality of the wine is highlighted by the simple gold finishings on every bottle. Inspired by the current collection, 6 Brothers is Victorious in Brotherhood and Miraculous in Return.

The wine 

Six Brothers Collection
1 / 4

Mt Benson Shiraz $49.99 A BOTTLE

Single Vineyard selection from Richie Vandenberg's own vineyard. Freshly sliced panforte – date, fig, fresh cherry and rhubarb that become more apparent upon sitting. As always from Mt Benson a lingering spice and white pepper sit with subtleness – enhancing but not intruding.


The wine 

Six Brothers Collection
2 / 4

Tasmanian Pinot Noir $59.99 A BOTTLE

A wild fruit delight of mulberry, cranberry and raspberry, then herbs of marjoram and wild thyme. All perfectly poised with crunchy acid, creamy oak and succulent tannins.


Hints of crushed mulberry woven with wild blossom and roasted spices. A dry leaf earthiness intrigues.


A wild delight of mulberry, cranberry and raspberry followed by dry herbs such as marjoram, wild thyme. All perfectly poised with crunchy acid, creamy oak and succulent tannins.


Crisply fried duck breast with a plum and star anise sauce.

The wine 

Six Brothers Collection
3 / 4

Adelaide Hills Chardonnay $39.99 A BOTTLE

Stone fruits persist amid a nougat-like creaminess framed by subtle up-front oak tannins and perfectly poised acidity.


The wine 

Six Brothers Collection
4 / 4

Méthode Traditionelle Tasmanian Sparkling NV $34.99 A BOTTLE

Attractive lemon and pastry notes with light, almond and chalky elements, too. The palate is smoothly delivered with a fresh set of flavours in the peach and lemon spectrum. Fine, underlying acidity lingers.