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Fortune Favours The Brave

Vandenberg Wines Vineyard

The Vandenberg Story

In 1857 an intrepid young dutchman, Ari Vandenberg, took to the high seas in search of adventure. His ship had just delivered its goldrush-bound passengers safely to Australian shores when a nor’westerly gale parted her from her anchor and dashed her against the rocks.

Our Fine Wines

The Vandenberg Collections


King Willem II

The Vandenberg family story begins with a shipwreck over 150 years ago on South Australia’s Limestone Coast.


The Ari Story

Of the 23-strong crew, only nine made it ashore with their lives. Among them, Ari, a man of uncommon courage and mettle.


Six Brothers Story

At the outbreak of World War II, six Vandenberg brothers saw no other option but to fight for their country. All returned home, as if good fortune and tenacity could be inherited through the family line.

It’s all about family

The Jasmin Story

We inherit so much from those who have gone before us – it’s not only stories that are passed from generation to generation, but qualities and traits also travel through time.

A Story Still Going Strong

Focused on family, adventure and relationships, Vandenberg Wines celebrates the generations of stories within every family, and in doing so crafts wines with warmth.

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